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Virginia Multi-Vehicle Crash Claims One Life and Injures Several Others

Late last month, a fiery pileup on an I-66 in Virginia resulted in several injuries and a fatality. According to national news reports, the multi-vehicle accident occurred around 11:00 a.m. The police spokesperson stated that the crash was a chain reaction that included a tractor-trailer, an SUV, a pickup truck, and four sedans. An initial investigation did not reveal the exact sequence of events; however, reports indicated that the driver of the car that flipped over and exploded, died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident. Several other drivers and passengers suffered injuries ranging from life-threatening to minor. Since 2018, this highway has been the scene of several other fatal Virginia car accidents.

Chain-reaction or multivehicle accidents occur when there are three or more vehicles involved in a crash. Generally, these accidents begin with a rear-end accident with the resulting carnage causing additional collisions. If a motorist sustains injuries in a Virginia multivehicle accident, they should consider a personal injury lawsuit against the culpable parties. However, it is often challenging to apportion liability in these accidents because there may be several parties whose conduct caused or exacerbated the accident. For example, if the driver that slammed into the victim was hit in a rear-end collision, that driver may claim that they were not at fault. However, if that driver was following too closely behind the victim, they may still be liable. At the same time, the accident may have caused the victim to hit the driver in front of them.

Virginia car accident attorneys can help victims in these cases establish liability. One way to do so is to identify the order of the impact or series of events. To do this, it is crucial that victims gather eyewitness accounts of the accident. Eyewitness accounts include statements from other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Additionally, police reports and investigations may reveal clues to the order of events. For example, a police report may indicate the first car that was hit in the multivehicle accident; this, in turn, may reveal the person who initially caused the chain reaction.

Highway cameras and other monitoring devices may capture relevant evidence. A Virginia injury attorney can assist in recovering all evidence from the appropriate parties. Finally, experts may be able to determine order or liability by investigating vehicle damage and skid marks. Experts can also determine if a car was following too closely or speeding. Identifying all liable parties is crucial, because one culpable party may not be able to fully compensate the victim if they are underinsured or uninsured.

Have You Suffered Injuries After Chain Reaction Car Accident in Virginia?

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