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Protecting Yourself from Virginia Car Accidents During Busy Holiday Weekends

Holidays are always a busy time for drivers on the road, but certain times of year are more dangerous than others. Drunk driving is America’s leading killer on the roads every year, but the summer months tend to bring more accidents, especially when it comes to Virginia drunk driving accidents. In the last year alone, there were seven fatalities in Virginia.

Based on a recent news report, July 4th is the deadliest holiday for drunk driving accidents, and Virginia is no exception. On average, there are 450 fatal accidents every year during the holiday across the country. Especially as coronavirus restrictions are being lifted all over the state, more people are out and about traveling over the weekend. The report notes that this holiday was particularly more prone to drunk driving accidents because people want to be outside and enjoy themselves, given that most people have been stuck at home. Often gatherings and events around the Fourth of July involve significant amounts of alcohol.

Local authorities are encouraging the community to have fun, but to plan ahead. Finding a friend or family member to be a designated driver or using a ride share service can save countless lives, as well as your own. Drivers are also advised to be vigilant for people driving erratically, moving in and out of lanes, or having slower than usual reaction times, which are key indications of a drunk driver.

In Virginia, getting injured in a drunk driving car accident can cause significant loss, both physically and economically. Holding irresponsible individuals is crucial towards ensuring that accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve, as well as helping discourage others from engaging in similar conduct. Those who cause accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol could face several serious consequences — prison time, a lawsuit from an injured individual for medical expenses and fees, or loss of a driver’s license.

In the wake of a major car accident, knowing what to do next can feel overwhelming. This is why potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can carefully evaluate the details of their claim, discuss case strategy, and examine possible options for compensation. Hiring an advocate who can navigate the complexities of the legal system and assist you in getting on the road to recovery as fast as possible will be central to securing the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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