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Liability in Virginia Charter Bus Accidents

Charter buses are a convenient and cost-efficient way to transport large groups of people to a shared destination. Although this is a popular mode of group transportation, Virginia charter bus accidents are not uncommon, and often result in devastating consequences. The rise of tour bus accidents has led to the industry to undergo increased scrutiny regarding their adherence to safety regulations.

There are many factors that increase the likelihood that a person may suffer injuries in a Virginia tour bus accident. Accidents may be the result of an issue with the driver, the bus itself, or an external traffic condition. In some cases, drivers fail to reduce their speed when the weather conditions are risky. The failure to slow down can cause the bus driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.

For example, recently, 19 people suffered injuries in a Virginia collision between a tractor-trailer and a charter bus. According to a local news report, the accident occurred after a tractor-trailer lost control of his vehicle and struck the tour bus. Police reported that the accident occurred in the darkened early morning hours when the conditions were foggy and the roads were slick.

Individuals who suffer injuries in a Virginia charter bus accident may find that there are multiple people and entities responsible for their losses. In some cases, the tour bus company may be held liable for the injuries that a person suffered. These companies must ensure that their buses are property serviced and pass all inspections. Sometimes bus companies will cut corners by foregoing necessary repairs or shoddily fixing problems in order to meet financial benchmarks. Similarly, some charter bus accidents occur because the driver did not possess the requisite training. Bus companies should make sure their drivers pass background checks and receive proper training on how to operate these large vehicles. When accidents are the result of issues stemming from circumstances like these, the company may face liability for the damages that their passengers and other victims suffered.

Tour bus companies will go to great lengths to avoid liability in an attempt to preserve their reputation amongst their competition. The company may cite waivers that passengers signed or try to impute liability onto their drivers or other causes. It is important that Virginia bus accident victims seek representation to make sure they can recover for their damages.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Virginia Bus Accident?

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